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A Bodyknot [pronounced ˈbä-dē-nät] is defined by Urban Dictionary as: “Any positioning of the body with intersecting and contorted extremities that emulates a knot.” It is a contorted shape with intersecting limbs. The more limbs that intersect, the more appealing and knotty the position.

A Balance addresses any positioning of the body that requires technique to maintain physical equilibrium in balancing the body, particularly on one point of contact with the ground, i.e. hand, forearm, head, knee, etc. Balances are often combined with immense strength and/or flexibility to create visually dynamic lines and intricate shapes. A position that is held for longer than one second is better defined as a Balance. Any position with, for example, only one hand touching the ground could be considered a Balance, if it is a retainable position that finds a sense of equilibrium.

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